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The Nile Cruise is a journey in stages to discover an ancient civilization, from Luxor to Aswan in the wake of an emotion and then to visit Cairo. You can find Last Minute and Affordable for your Nile cruise all year round even in the hottest months.

In the picture below you can see one of the beautiful motor vessels the nile

Boat Cruise

One of the best times to go on the cruise on the Nile is the month of March with a climate not too cool nor too hot and not crowded with tourists on the flight takes about three hours and when you arrive in Egypt you have to move the clock 1 hour ahead.

In Luxor, the first ancient capital of Thebes, and the name you embark on the ship chosen by the Tour Operator. One of the first visits of the Temple of Karnak and the Temple of Luxor, and impresses very beautiful and imposing majesty of the columns.

The cruise on the Nile in the Offer is made ​​of a motorboat that according to the company or the proposed cruise last minute which was chosen for the trip can 'be more or less luxurious and whenever possible it is best to choose a room on the top of the boat seen that the engines are when you move a little noisy and it's even better, a cab with a view of the Nile River because travel and watch the landscapes that are on the banks of the Nile is a truly unique experience.

While on board the very kind staff will help you spend your vacation in the best possible way.

Surely you have your own guidelines and always according to your tour operator will be individual or group, and always enjoying the best last minute deals available and, because saving is always better. The motorboats are not even the best like in the big cruise as you sail on the Nile as well as clothing is advisable not to bring too many things stylish, but practical clothing and comfortable shoes because every day you go to visit unique sites in the world.

While browsing you can watch the passage of the Dam, it is curious to see the ups and downs to bring the boat to the water level of the Nile River that acts as a lift. So good choice for your Nile cruise packages on offer with cheap last minute holidays with flight included for all-inclusive Luxury Cruises on the Nile with discount up to 24%.



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